Damage Vs. Wear & Tear

Damage and wear-and-tear can be difficult to define.  However, when it comes to rental properties, it is important to know the difference.  Wear-and-tear is inevitable when it comes to things like carpets, paint, and many other aspects of a home—after all, nothing lasts forever.  Damages, however, can be prevented, should be documented, and the responsible party should be held responsible for them.  That is why upon Read More

Understanding Tenant Repair and Maintenance Obligations

Property damage and disagreements over repair obligations account for a large portion of tenant-landlord disputes. Neither party ever wants to be responsible for repairs and maintenance if they can help it. And while landlords have gotten much bad publicity regarding their neglect or refusal to fix issues with their rental property, tenants do have some legal responsibilities when it comes to the maintenance and Read More

5 Important Things Tenants Should Be Aware Of

Despite the commonly held notion of landlords they are not bad people. They are simply normal folks, trying to make a living like the rest of us. However, there are landlords out there that use their position of power over their tenants to cheat them out of significant amounts of money and take advantage of them in any way they can. It is people like this that give the good landlords a bad reputation, and it is Read More

What Every Renter Should Do Before Signing a Lease

For some people, the rental agreement is a source of great anxiety. For others, it is simply a piece of paper they want to sign quickly so they can move into their new home. Rental leases are certainly quite important and should be carefully regarded. This is why it is important for you to properly prepare ahead of time.  I have often told Clients (quoting a much more senior attorney here) that 90% of what I can do Read More

7 Common Mistakes for Renters to Avoid

There is a great deal of potential for missteps when it comes to renting a property. It is vital, as a renter, that you understand your rights and avoid making mistakes that could be ruinous for you and your family. In this blog, we have detailed seven (7) common mistakes for renters to avoid. Please keep in mind that this blog is not intended as legal advice for your specific situation. If you are having Read More

Your Landlord Can’t Just Lock You Out: Understanding Florida “Self-Help” Evictions

So, you and your landlord have been arguing lately. You’ve been late on the rent and perhaps you’ve even violated other sections of your lease agreement, such as having a pet when you weren’t supposed to. You come home from work one day to find that the locks on your doors have been changed and the utilities are turned off. The point being even if you could get inside, the home wouldn’t be inhabitable. Your Read More

Residential Lease Termination Rights for Service Members

The life of a United States service member can oftentimes be very unpredictable. Active duty members of the armed forces in particular are essentially on-call at all times, with the potential to be ordered by the government to move with little notice. So what is a service member supposed to do if he or she signs a residential lease, and then receives orders to move to another part of the country or deploy Read More

A Brief Guide to Florida’s Court Structure

Unless you deal with them every day, it can be incredibly confusing to keep track of the numerous different court systems in this country. There are circuit courts and supreme courts, trial courts and appellate courts, and courts at the local, state, and federal levels. There are a wealth of different courts that, depending on the nature of your case, could at some point be the arbiter of major decisions regarding Read More

5 Examples of Juror Misconduct That May Be Grounds for an Appeal

When it comes to appeal a criminal conviction, there are very strict rules about what qualifies as grounds for an appeal. A defendant cannot appeal his or her case simply because they disagreed with the decision that was made. There must be evidence that some sort of legal error was made during the trial that obviously impacted the outcome of the case. Furthermore, the defendant’s lawyer must have “preserved the Read More

When Do Tenants Have the Right to Withhold Rent?

Unfortunately, most renters understand far too well how it feels to have a landlord who takes advantage of his or her position of power. As the owners of the building in which the tenant lives, the landlord may neglect to provide a safe and livable home environment or try to make a quick extra buck through illegal or unfair rent and security deposit practices. When this occurs, many renters feel helpless, unable to Read More

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